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Common malfunctions and their elimination methods of pressure pipe

Symptom possible cause of pressure pipe machine
after the pipe press machine powered motor does not turn power power 1, check that the power switch is off.
2, check that the contactor is closed.
3, check that the fuse is the fuse.
4, check the thermal relay is disconnected. Motor,
but not working power supply lack-phase 1, check that the fuse is the fuse.
2, check with all three wires. Motor reverse 1, reverse any two of the three-phase power supply. Pressure regulating valve lock nut is loose 1, pressure regulating valves tighten the lap, the locking nut. Hydraulic oil is not 1, check that the oil level is in the liquid line. Solenoid valve does not act
(inspection, and will scale to work outside the scope of Regulation) 1, check whether the solenoid valve.
2, check the solenoid valve is stuck. Solenoid valve not 1, check that you have 24V power supply lead to the solenoid valve pipe press machine working, but not up to the standard pressure pressure adjustment is too low 1, adjust the pressure regulating valve, adjust the pressure to the specified value.
pressure regulating valve stuck 1, cleaning pressure regulating valve. BACK