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Withholding procedures and operations

procedure for crimping machines

1, the operator must operate according to the process regulations.
2, machine stops after use, you must cut off the power supply.
3, change the stencil, must be down.
4 interface should be kept clean, mold and die, there shall be no scrap metal or other hard objects.
5, before starting on the die surface into lubricant.
6, in front of a loaded module must tighten the set screw.
7, pressure-regulating valve must be adjusted under the required pressure.
8, the work is strictly prohibited when reaching into the Interior.
9, repair electrical parts must comply with the electrical safety regulations to withhold the mold

1, hydraulic oil and fill it with 46# 50kg (best is the genuine original oil).
2, positioner Setup: plug in the front head positioning (Note: locators can be plugged directly into the nose), and plug the other end inside the electric control box outlet.
3, and connected to the power supply, if you are using a three-phase motor, be careful not to reverse (down: the motor fan turn clockwise is positive).
4, the above process is complete, try to boot.
5, and positioning device of using: each pour spin one week more pressure into 1mm, each are spin a grid for 0.01mm, followed by analogy, same specifications rubber tube, and joint, first a metal joint reached by need of pressure, without again moving positioning device, has been put the specifications pressure finished, its results compression data completely consistent, dang you try pressure completed first root tubing Shi, you has learned has, remaining of is gradually skilled.