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Withhold machine instructions for daily use and maintenance

withhold machine instructions for use:

1, plus a good hydraulic oil.

2, connect the power supply.

3, the install you need to die.

4, the electrical switch control motor.

5, start the reboot see if motor clockwise direction.

6, the trimmer should be used with the leads switch, rotate in the clockwise direction, whereas small, and then press the page button again, that stopped working.

7, lead switch "clamp" to narrow, "open mode" retreated to

8, customers to dismantle the magnetic switch cleaning, it must be installed according to the wiring diagram.

withholding maintenance:

1, hydraulic oil hydraulic oil in the tank than manufacturers time should be replaced, or Visual oil level gauge, if the hydraulic oil is Black oxide must be replaced.

2, often move anti-wear lubricant injections to the punch.

3, non-pressure pipe work, dust cover, please prevent debris falling into the clamp.